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New tax stamp design is introduced in July 2015

Акцизные марки нового образца будут введены с июля 2015 г.

Using of new tax stamp design for alcohol and tobacco products begins in July 2015 instead of early planned February 2015.


 This is affirmed by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 296 May 14, 2015, which was published on the government website.


The State Fiscal Service (SFS) shall provide new tax stamp design production till June 25 for the national and foreign alcohol and tobacco products, as well as its realization in accordance with the established procedure.


As it was reported at the end of December 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers postponed the introduction of new tax stamp design for alcohol and tobacco products in February, instead of the previously scheduled January 2015 at the request of alcoholic beverage producers.


According to the Resolution No. 627 November 19, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers chopped away the costs of the tax stamp from 0.27 hrn/pcs to 0.1926 hrn/pcs or by 28.7 %. Tobacco tax stamp fell in price from 0.142 hrn/pcs to 0.091 hrn/pcs or by 35.9 %.



Based on Interfax-Ukraine