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Dispersive wallpaper adhesive application features

Особенности применения дисперсионных обойных клеев.


To get the best wallpapering it’s very important to get the right adhesive. Today market is widely presented with a large variety of all-purpose adhesives as well as with special ones. Wrong selected glue composition or adhesive can cause you to strip already applied material from the walls and get a specialized adhesive.


Given the small unit costs into the total cost of decoration work, makes unnecessarily using cheap adhesive. For those who hang expensive wallpapers better to overpay and buy high-quality adhesive to provide wallpaper rehanging.


Lux-X wallpaper adhesive is unique in its increased strength and it perfectly fits for fiberglass, velvet wallpaper, fiberglass and related fiberglass nonwovens as well as for wallpaper on non-woven backing and heavy wall types of covering on paper (vinyl, textile etc) backing.


For fiberglass wallpapering use only a special adhesive marked “for fiberglass wallpaper”, such as “Lux-X wallpaper adhesive”. Using all-purpose glues or adhesives which have been specially formulated for other types of wallpapers it is likely that you have to strip already applied material from the walls and get a specialized adhesive for fiberglass wallpaper.


Fine and soft texture makes easier wallpapering and provides the finest wallpapers junctions.


“Lux-X wallpaper adhesive” contains all the necessary additives which exclude mould formation and fungoid growth between the wall and decorative material – wallpaper that is the distinct advantage in choosing adhesive for high humidity areas.


Dispersive “Lux-X wallpaper adhesive” is characterized by its resistance to moisture and can be applied even in the bathrooms.


The adhesive is ready-to-use and it can be directly applied to the surface. Wallpapered surface in normal dries within 2 hours. Drying time increases with decreasing temperature drop and relative air humidity increasing.


It can be applied double for wallpapering and priming.


Instructions for using “Lux-X wallpaper adhesive”

Before Hanging

Surface must be dry, smooth, clean, and firm before installing any wallcovering. Relative air humidity in the room must be no more than 70%. Use wallpaper adhesive only when the room temperature is from +5ºС to +24ºС.


Surface preparation

Surface must be free from dirt and dust. Carefully remove any existing coatings, wallpaper etc. Glossy surface should be scraped with a wire brush. Smooth the cracks, cavities and irregularities. New lime-cement plaster should be dried at least for a month before wallpapering.

1. Switch off electricity and put off switch and plug covers.

2. Surface must be primed with the adhesive diluted with water to 10-15 % or more. Allow time for drying.

3. If you hang fiberglass wallpaper or wallpaper on vlieseline backing apply evenly a layer of adhesive straight onto the surface (not onto the wallpaper) using either a roller or a distemper brush. The width of brushing must be 1-1.5 m. Use a brush next to the skirting-board. Immediately after applying the adhesive to the wall firmly press the sheet of wallpaper and smooth it with a plastic smoother from the middle out to the edge (see The instructions for use fiberglass wallpaper)

4. If you hang wallpaper on vinyl or textile backing apply adhesive onto the back side of wallpaper with a roller and leave it for 5 minutes to get wet. Follow the manufacturer's wallpaper hanging instructions.

5. Once a piece is up you have about 15-20 minutes to perfect its placement or you it can be removed and hang again causing another layer of adhesive.

6. Installed wallpaper dries within 2 hours. We recommend before painting to prime the wallpaper with the adhesive diluted with water to 10 % which further significantly reduce the paint consumption.

7. The painting over the wallpaper should be done not earlier than in 24 hours after its hanging or priming.

8. Rinse in water the tools when wallpapering is finished.


Important! Avoid direct sunlight and draft during wallpaper hanging and drying times.