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SPC "Lux-X" LLC celebrates its 17 years of getting up the company on October 2, 2014

2 октября – НПП «Люкс-Х» 17 лет!

This year the “Lux-X” company is turning 17 years of getting up the company. Over the years it has become a clear market leader; it has won the trust, love and recognition of its customers and partners. Every year SPC “Lux-X” LLC multiplies its experience and professionalism in the market of industrial adhesives, offering a wide range of adhesive products, quality service and personal service to each client.


SPC “Lux-X” LLC company has entered the domestic market of industrial adhesives in 1997. Originally internal standards of the company were identified to create the company’s image as “the perfect supplier.” We have studied deep enough specifics of companies in such industry sectors as printing, packaging, manufacturing auxiliary packing means (labels, lids, caps) and others that set apart our company from its business rival and have helped to be well placed in the market.


As everything in the nature strives for the best, we were trying to become the best business partner. “Lux” means “the best”. The company operates in the field of B2B – “Business-to-Business.” Looking back at the past, today we can say “Lux-X” is a reliable, honest supplier of industrial adhesives. This was facilitated by the knowledge of our specialists of the specific atmosphere of the Ukrainian market, an understanding of the realities of business management relations and the domestic consumer mentality that has made it possible to respond quickly to market conditions changing.


More than 500 clients throughout Ukraine and CIS countries trust SPC “Lux-X” LLC. Reliability, quality and service of our company are marked with audit works, letters of recommendation and favorable reports of many leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, such as: PJSC “SUN InBev Ukraine”  (TM “Chernigivske”), “Ukrainian vodka company” Nemiroff, LLC “UDC” (TM “Khortytsya”), KCF “Roshen”, KD “Blitz-Print” and others.


The source for the development of our company is not only market trends but also needs and wishes of our partners, with many of  which we have been carrying out cooperation for more than ten years.


We would like to thank all the members of SPC “Lux-X” LLC for the fruitful work! With your help, we have been growing, developing and thanks to you, today we celebrate 17 years of getting up the company!