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Establishment of Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd (UK) 1977 was determined by the rapidly growing demand for hot melts.

Today, after 40 years of unprecedented success, the company has unique capabilities to develop high-quality hot melts meeting any customer requirements and to provide excellent services.

Trust of more than 10 000 customers

As a world leader in hot melt production Beardow Adams constantly develop and expands the opportunities through improvement of the customer's operation conditions, efficiency of their production and cost reduction.

More than 10 000 customers all over the world trust Beardow&Adams since the company offers only proven solutions for labelling, packaging, woodworking, product assembly and bookbinding.

Apart from that a series of revolutionary BAM Futura hot melts, as well as other highly technological adhesives determine new standards and reliability and efficiency.

The largest hot melt production facilities in Europe

Continuously improving and investing in new technologies, Beardow Adams is able to offer the most advanced adhesives. The headquarters in Milton Keynes (UK) is justly considered to be the largest hot melt production plant in Europe with six production departments and 14 modern production lines.

This structure allows to provide thorough control of the staff, constant quality and purity of products and to produce up to 50000 tons of hot melts with guarantee of quality.

Innovative company, guarantee of quality

Development of Beardow Adams in the area of innovational approach and international sales was recognized by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. This award is well-known as the UK’s most prestigious business prize and it was given to Beardow&Adams in 1994, 1999, 2002, 2007 and 2012.

Beardow Adams is the company providing proven quality. Strict control is performed on every operational stage, the company is accredited in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and is working for getting BS EN ISO 14001 certification (Environmental management), as well as global packaging standards BRC / IoP.