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Adhesive tape production

Beardow Adams pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are supplied under Pressen™ trademark.

Range of characteristics

Viscosity (Brookfield) at140°С, сPs ~ 1000 — 11500
Operation temperature, °С 150 - 190
Application methods slot head coaters, glue roller, jetting units, nozzles, wheel
Shelf life 36 months
Form Ecoblocks, blocks

Additional information:

  • high heat resistance;
  • high cohesive strength;
  • adhesion to difficult surfaces;
  • suitable for application at low temperatures;
  • gap filling and sealing;
  • water resistance and waterproofing;
  • meets internationally recognized standards.

Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Ltd. (UK, est. in 1977) is the largest European hot melt producer with production volume of about 50 000 tons per year. Over 10 000 customers all over the world trust Beardow & Adams since the company offers only proven solutions for labelling, packaging, woodworking, product assembly and bookbinding.


  • Permanent and removable labels
  • Self-adhesive tapes
  • Surgical and medical tapes
  • Closure strips for bags
  • Dry sticking
  • For clean unsticking of multilayer labels

Beardow Adams produces pressure sensitive hot melts for application on paper, metal and synthetic foils, foam materials, fabrics, textiles, carpets, felt and other materials.

Product type. Synthetic polymer based hot melts.

Product properties:

  • color range from colorless to amber;
  • pressure sensitive;
  • tack from low/medium to very high;
  • non-toxic, adhesive bond resistant to extreme temperatures from -40 °С to +100 °С;
  • suitable for high speed application on production lines;
  • causes no allergic reaction at skin contact.